New look. New site. Same ridiculously good surf wax.
The Brief

A sticky approach to ecommerce.

Sticky Bumps is the world's leading manufacturer of surf wax, and has been behind every single innovation in surfing wax an traction since 1971. Every single one of the 4 million bars they ship yearly is hand-made and hand-wrapped at their factory in San Diego.

  • My Role
    Front end/ Back end/ Wordpress integration/ Magento integration/ Server setup & optimizations
  • Employer
    Made by Grizzly
  • Client
Launch Website
Seamless Integration

Custom WordPress / Magento Experience.

We built an intuitive custom website running on Wordpress and an enterprise web store running on Magento. The WP marketing site was integrated into the shop through the Magento API, and the whole experience was customized for Sticky Bumps' ease of use.

The Factory

Family Owned & Operated in CA Since 1971.

From their humble roots in Del Mar, CA to their current state-of-the-art factory in Vista, they've been dedicated to making nothing but the highest quality wax.

The Scent

Wrap it up.

As much as they’d like to say it’s all about performance, there’s something about the original blueberry scent of Sticky Bumps that makes it instantly recognizable and extremely well-loved. A few of their customers have even asked them to formulate a Sticky Bumps perfume.

Sticky Bumps surf wax has stood the test of time and they're not standing still…they’ve been behind every innovation in surf wax since 1971.

Snag & Grab

A New Wax Concept.

Every handcrafted bar of high quality surf and ski wax is poured and processed in their 10,000 square foot California factory. The term refers to how surf wax sticks to the board and begins to build up small, sticky bumps as you’re waxing it. Rather than smearing all over one’s board, a new additive in Sticky Bumps in 1992 changed the game completely.

Stickybumps Online Presence

Wax on. Wax off.

StickyBumps new online presence is focused on the visitors’ experience. From gorgeous photography to an elegant shop, fast page loads and social networks blended in, we aimed to create a more cohesive representation of their brand.

Visit Stickybumps
Device Agnostic

Lookin' Good Bud.

We made sure the StickyBumps site not only worked on all platforms and devices, but that it looked and functioned great. Our research showed that the StickyBumps competitors websites were often slow and unusable, let alone accessible on other devices. Analytics showed that 80% of their traffic was from mobile devices. So we made certain StickyBumps mobile experience was pleasant and fast on every device.

Let's not forget

The Shop.

While user context is important, leaving the right impression about the surf and wax culture is crucial. We wanted to spark people's interest and drive them to the shop from within the content. StickyBumps took a strategic decision to work with WordPress/Magento, which gave them a simple method for managing their web content and the shop the ability to handle their large inventory. While cool photography, athelete profiles, and awesome grid styles make the site attractive, the main focus is their shop. We seamlessly blended the shop and the core site together to remove any feeling of separation.


Measurable Success.

Since the website’s launch in July 2014, it’s processed more than 10,000 orders and counting.

Stickybumps continues to grow with each product they release. They have enjoyed continual growth since we’ve worked together and continue to set new goals as they reach their targets.

"We want to thank the guys at Grizzly for putting together an awesome website for Sticky Bumps. Everyone at Wax Research is excited with the results. You definitely captured the flavor of the brand and our company. The whole site really pops and lends itself to a great experience for our customers." JOHN DAHL
President / Owner